Advanced Wrap™

Adding a layer of Advanced Wrap™ fanfold or sheathing insulation to your home or business adds an extra layer of protection from hot and cold. It’s ideal for adding a layer of rigid insulation for new construction and retrofit for siding, sheathing, furring, protection board and low slope roofing projects making a smooth and level surface while adding R-value.

What is Advanced Wrap Fanfold and Sheathing

Advanced Wrap fanfold or sheathing insulation is manufactured from closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS) ridged foam with polypropylene film facing laminated to both sides of the EPS adding strength and durability. The front surface is clear printed 1.0 mil polypropylene with 1” square grids printed on the surface for aiding in nailing and cutting alignment. The back surface is unprinted metalized polypropylene. Advanced Wrap can also be manufactured with metalized polypropylene on both front and back surfaces.

EPS foam insulation is produced in a wide range of densities from the standard 1.0# nominal density (10-14 psi) and up to 2.0# nominal density (25-33 psi) meeting the demands of many construction applications. To meet the specifications for fiber cement siding manufacturers, 1.5# nominal density (1.35 density min.), ASTM C578, Type II EPS foam is required. See fiber cement manufacturers technical data and specifications for their requirements for foam insulation. EPS is environmentally friendly and contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s, adhesives or formaldehyde.

Advanced Wrap Sheathing

Tough - Durable - Flexible

Advanced Wrap Fanfold

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