Roofing Insulation

For more than 50 years, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation has been used in numerous roofing applications and systems. EPS is ideal for new construction as well as retrofit. Architects, engineers, contractors and roofing consultants have a wide variety of EPS products to specify for their projects which include flat insulation, fanfold, nail base, engineered tapered systems, crickets, saddles, and flute fill.

EPS Foam

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a closed cell, light weight, resilient foamed plastic insulation. EPS is able to withstand the abuse of temperature cycling and assuring long term performance with no R-value adjustment for aging. EPS has been an innovative building material since the 1950’s and is recognized as a mainstream insulation and building material. EPS is the ideal choice for green building designs offering environmental advantages that can maximize energy efficiency.

EPS foam insulation is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C578. EPS is produced in a wide range of thicknesses, and densities from 1.0# nominal density (0.90 pcf min.) and up to 2.0# nominal density (1.8 pcf min.) meeting the demands of most low slope roofing applications. Taper systems and flute fill are custom designed and made to order for each structure.

Environmental Impact

EPS insulation is an inert, organic material produced from petroleum and natural gas by-products. EPS insulation does not contain CFC’s, HCFC’s, adhesives or formaldehyde. EPS foam insulation provides no nutritive value to plants, animals, or micro-organisms. It will not rot, and is highly resistant to mildew.

Flute Fill Panels

Advanced Wrap Fanfold

Engineered Taper Systems

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