DropSide™ insulation is manufactured from high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) Foam custom manufactured to fit all profiles of vinyl and metal siding. Using the latest in computer design technology and state of the art machinery, ABT Foam can produce contoured EPS insulation to match any vinyl or metal siding brand and their profiles. EPS is environmentally friendly and contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s, adhesives or formaldehyde.

Adding a layer of DropSide contoured high performance insulation to the back of vinyl or metal siding adds an extra layer of protection from hot and cold while adding strength and impact resistance. DropSide is ideal for new construction & retrofit and is excellent for residential and commercial structures.

The combination of DropSide insulation and durable vinyl siding adds beauty, strength, protection and additional energy efficiency to any home or building. When you want the look and feel of hardboard siding, don’t settle for high maintenance products like paintable sidings. Choose a rigid, low maintenance product that remains beautiful and offers cost savings year after year.

Dutch Lap

Straight Lap

Single Lap

Triple Three

DropSide EPS Foam for Siding

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